PID Horace S. Kerr

Ohio's Past International Director
Horace S. Kerr
International Director: 1927-1929

Horace S. Kerr was elected a Director of the International Association of Lions Clubs at the 11th International Convention held at Miami, Florida, in July, 1927 and served for the following three years.

Lion Kerr served his district in the capacity of District Governor during the year 1926-27 and as deputy district governor during the preceding year .
For three years, 1924 to 1926, inclusive, he acted in the capacity of State Trustee in that particular district of Lionism.

He was president of the Columbus Club from January 1924 to July 1925 besides serving on the Club's board of directors for three years.
Lionism had been his greatest interest, and he has answered every call.

Lion Kerr was born in southern Ohio. He was an alumnus of Ohio Wesleyan, and graduated from the Cincinnati Law School in 1905.

He was a Knight Templar, Shriner, a member of the Scottish Rite, Alpha Tau Omega and the Columbus Country Club.

Lion Kerr was city prosecutor for Columbus during the years 1910 and 1911, and since that time he had been specializing in the practice of corporation law.

He was married and had two children - a boy and a girl.

Past International Director Horace Kerr passed away on January 23, 1956. You can read his In Memoriam printed in the April 1956 Lion Magazine.

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