Dr. B.W. Beatty

Ohio's Past International 3rd Vice President
Dr. B.W. Beatty


* The first District convention was held in Columbus, Ohio on October 14, 1920 the delegates unanimously elected Dr. B. W. Beatty of Dayton, as District Governor to serve District 13. Beatty worked hard to have all the Ohio Clubs linked together in some program of work.
The second District Convention was held in Dayton, Ohio on May 25, 1921. Dr. Beatty was re-elected to serve as District Governor over the 16 Clubs now in Ohio. At the fifth annual International Convention at Oakland, California, July 19-21, 1921, District Governor Beatty was elected Third Vice President of Lions International and resigned the District Governorship. **Former International 3rd vice president Dr. B. W. Beatty addressed the 11th District Convention in Dayton, on May 20-21, 1930.

***Dr. Beatty was one of Dayton’s prominent physicians and surgeons. In 1926, Dr. B.W. Beatty donated the first four acres of land at the corner of Salem and Philadelphia for the Good Samaritan Hospital. Dr. Beatty was one of the founders and first staff president of the Good Samaritan Hospital.

Dr Beatty passed away on September 16, 1935, you can read his obituaty printed in the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper.

* Partial Bio taken from Ohio Lions History from 1920 to 1958 by E.C. & Alice Baum.
** Excerpts taken from Hamilton Daily News May 16, 1930
** Excerpts taken from Dayton Newspaper Obituary 1935.

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